The Tea

Our natural teas are created to help you restore body balance by restoring essential nutrients. Learn more about our all-natural sip-n-savors to help you get the relaxation your body deserves.




NATURAL Sleep & Skin Tea is an all-natural liquid nutraceutical that is formulated to help you have better sleep and healthier skin. It helps support a balanced mind and body. Additionally, it provides relaxation and sleep while protecting, hydrating, and balancing your skin tone, texture, and appearance.

NATURAL Sleep & Skin Tea replaces important nutrients with botanicals, amino acids, and minerals that are lost with stress and activity.


Use NATURAL Sleep & Skin Tea for occasional restless days and nights. Taking this tea at night or in the morning can help improve your sleep hygiene and complement a healthy skin care routine.

NO preservatives, caffeine, artificial colors, artificial flavors, or artificial sweeteners.


2 Servings in each 2.5oz bottle.