Satisfaction Guaranteed

If unsatisfied with your online purchase from The NATURAL MD., we’ll gladly refund your money within 30 days of your order.

The NATURAL MD. uses natural ingredients and science nutrition to produce natural products that support a healthy mind and body. Our consumable sleep and skin system is the first of its kind on the market. We care about you getting the restorative sleep and glowing skin you need and deserve. Our CBD Oil is Third Party Tested and backed with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) so you know the exact constituents of the oil, so you can be confident it comes from a reliable source. Not only do we stand behind The NATURAL MD., but we’re willing to put our money behind our promise with a Money Back Guarantee!

So how does the Money Back Guarantee work?

We urge you to first place an order of any NATURAL Brand Product you prefer, and put our product to the test. If we aren’t meeting your standards or expectations, we want to do something about it. Simply ship the remaining product back to us at your cost for a refund of the total for the remaining unopened products within 30 days. Keep in mind that there are other sleep factors that need to be right to support your sleep hygiene (i.e. cool room, dark environment, etc.) and that new healthy skin takes about 30 days to get to the skin surface.  In addition our CBD Oil is designed for mild to moderate pain and stiffness and supports an anti-inflammatory response to reduce pain. Thus it's utility in neuropathic (nerve) pain is limited and is not recommended for this type of pain relief and we will not be able to honor a money back guarantee if utilized for this kind of pain.

Is there a deadline for this Money Back Guarantee?

Though we are happily willing to issue a refund should you be dissatisfied with products from The NATURAL MD., there is a deadline for returning the remaining bottles from your order. The cut-off is 30 days from your order date. As long as you ship the rest of your order back within this time frame, you’re 100% eligible for our Money Back Guarantee.

Where do I ship my return to?

Please securely package your return, with a copy of your shipping receipt, in a protective box and ship to:

7330 Staples Mill Rd Suite 132
Richmond, VA 23228 USA

Please note that The NATURAL MD. is not responsible for return shipping costs. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee only applies to purchases made through We care about your health and delivering only quality products to our customers.